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I'm currently a System Engineering student and I like to play video-games, do PC stuff and hang out with friends on many places or just doin' nothing X-D.

I also like to draw, mainly portraits and anime (well, I could say I draw whatever, even if I'm a mess with colors, I use to try..), but apart from drawing ma' second passion is music, even if I'm a lazy dude with musical theory (I do my try), I love to play the electric guitar.. formerly a metal and 80's rock player, but now I use to play various music genres like blues, funk (almost there), latin, etc.. Lemme see.. emm.. oh yeah! I almost forgot! When I'm not doin' anything of the above I use to read any kind of book that I have at hand (Ok, I use to read only while traveling on bus.. T_T).

I'm an open minded person, open to new concepts, arguments and all kinds of points of view (except Raggaeton "music", which is the thing dat I most hate in this world next to hipocrecy and selfishness).

Speakin' of music genres, I use to like music with a decent composition and good lyrics, don't come to me talking 'bout da new record of the Benjamins or I don't make ma'self responsible! Jokin'! )X-D

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