Sallad Snoj

Hola! I be Sallad Snoj, aka LawlietEatsYou. As you can tell from my name, I am obsessed with Death Note, L Lawliet in particular. And, as you can tell from ym avatar, my favorite person in the world is Emilie Autumn, whom I got to meet on Saturday October 17 at The Social in Orlando. >w&lt; <br />Anywho, I love anime & manga and watch/read a bunch of series, including but not limited to the following: <br />Death Note <br />Gravitation <br />Naruto <br />D.N. Angel <br />Dragon Drive <br />Vampire Knight <br />Saiyuki <br />Bleach <br />Yu Yu Hakusho <br />Flame of Recca <br />Petshop of Horrors <br />Ballad of a Shinigami <br />Chobits <br />Ultima <br />Tegami Bachi <br />Fruits Basket <br />Mermaid Melody <br />Tokyo Mew Mew <br />Absolute Boyfriend <br />Under the Glass Moon <br />InuyashaRave Master <br /><br />And so on. If anyone has any recommendations, feel free to recommend away! ^^ <br />My favorite movie is Alice in Wonderland, annnd for now my favorite show is Castle. (what else...?) <br />Oh yeah! I'm part of a gazillion different websites, so add me as I'm always attempting to find new awesome people to talk to! <br />deviantART: temptationxCESSATION <br />Fanfiction: StrawberryVenegance <br />Gaia: StrawberryVengeance <br />Twitter: RainbowCrumpets <br />MySpace: bluestar894 <br />Yahoo: death.andafairweatherfriend <br />EA Forum: bluestar894 <br />Youtube: bluestar894 <br /><br />My favoritest song evah be Still Doll by Kanon Wakeshima and my top 5 favoritest artists iz (subject to change after #2): <br />1. Emilie Autumn <br />2. Hannah Fury <br />3. The Fratellis <br />4. Paramore <br />5. Evanescence <br /><br />So yeah... I think that's it, if you wanna know anything else PM me! <br /><br />Byebye~! ^^ <br />-LawlietEatsYou