WB Fangirl

yep its me from youtube <br />Well, i'm kinda like a cartoon character or thats how i picture things. I'm very creative, and i LUV anything Looney Tunes related. <br />Im taking video requsts-Now <br />Interests and Hobbies: <br />I play the viola. I've been doing dance(ballet, tap, and jazz)since preschool till the sixth grade. I'm gonna learn to play the guitar. I'm interesed in japanese culture and want to learn japanese. <br />Favorite Movies and Shows: <br />♥Loonatics Unleashed, ♥Tiny Toons Advetures, ♥Baby Looney Tunes, ♥Looney Tunes, ♥Space Jam, ♥Tweety's High Flying Adventure, ♥The Bugs Bunny/RoadRunner Movie, ♥Daffy Duck's Quackbusters, ♥Looney Tunes Back in action, ♥Tom and Jerry <br />Favorite Music: <br />♥Puffy AmiYumi, ♥Hilary Duff, ♥Hinoi Team, ♥Mini Moni, ♥W(Double You), ♥Cascada, ♥Hannah Montana, ♥Evanescence, ♥AQUA, ♥Aly & AJ, ♥Daft Punk, ♥Lil Mama <br />Favorite Books: <br />Manga/comics, Scary, mystery, sad, series, fiction