Latia Del Riviero

Latia Del Riviero is one of the most alluring female bodybuilders of all time, featured in magazines such as Flex, WPW, Muscle and Fitness, Ironman, etc...Miss Canadian National '91 among other titles

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Hey Latina I love your vids Please make a sexy striptease video of yourself dressed in a full police uniform pants and top and hat or if you can't just dress in all black clothing and be all oiled up wear multiple layers of clothing and thongs and bras and strip down revealing a sexy thong bikini under it all ;) I hope you will do it
April by Miss.Shana
I'd love to see a sexy striptease video (no nudity) just you dressed up in a full police uniform top and pants and all oiled up anwred up stripping off multiple thongs and bras to reveal a sexy thong bikini under all the layers ;) Plus you flexing while dancing ;) I hope you will do it
April by Miss.Shana
Latia Del Riviero
Hey guys, TY for the kind words! Roman, Frase9, and Jimmy Jam Smith!
Román Ávila
Hi Latia. You are a Sexy Muscle Girl. You are great.
Last year by Román Ávila

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