LaVelle LaRue

Celebrity Parody Show created by Actor/Producer LaVelle LaRue is were we poke fun of famous youtubers like Smosh, Ray William Johnson, Jenna Marbles, PewDiePie, Freddiew, Shane Dawson, Captain Sparklez, The Young Turks, Phillip DeFranco, Shay Carl, Mediocre Films, Real annoying orange, Fred, Justin Bieber, Nigahiga, Glozell, Spokenreasons, gangnam style, Honey Boo Boo, Destorm, One Direction and so many more. We love, respect and appreciate these guys so much and because of that we have made a show around them. WARNING!! This is not a serious show and none of the videos are real, BUT!!! If we make a video and so happen to come true or is real....DAMN!! OUR BAD!!