LA Fire Code Section 57.113.09 Mandates Fire Safety Training for ALL Hospital and Convalescent home Employees. Hospital employees must take 6 hour training course every 4 years.<br /><br />Mission<br />To ensure your facility staff have thorough knowledge of emergency response procedures and understand how to apply them in your particular health care setting.<br /><br />Description<br />HFSI staffs only the most experienced instructors who have been teaching fire/life safety curriculum for a minimum of 5 years and each holds a current "certificate of fitness to instruct" issued by the Los Angeles Fire Department.<br />Our instructors have certified over 13,000 students. They all have numerous years of experience in hospital environments with both building engineering and safety backgrounds. All have had extensive experience & knowledge regarding the requirements set forth by the Joint Commission, CMS & LAFD. They have participated in many on site fire/life safety inspections as related to AHJ (authority having jurisdiction) inquiries into suppression systems, alarms & the building utility systems that support the fire/life safety program, such as generators, battery operated lighting, fire dampers, etc.<br />Our Director has functioned as inspection readiness surveyor at multiple LA County facilities in an effort to ensure each location was prepared for upcoming inspection an AHJ's. You & your team will benefit from this vast "hands on" type experience with fire/life safety programs in healthcare settings. Our personal experience with these types of activities in one of the largest hospitals in the country (LAC+USC Medical Center) will benefit your team by ensuring they obtain detailed information on what to expect & how to respond should they become involved in a fire.