In English: <br />********** <br />DJ / Producer and Remixer French / Mauritian, Kriss Raize has more than 9 years of experience in the world of DJing. After several years of club mixes and private parties, he decided to be in the musical production and it is at the age of 17 that all begin. Influenced by electro / house / club, Kriss Raize imposes his own style with a very strong musical personality. <br /><br />... 2009 was a turning point for Kriss Raize, he signed his first track with the label ARE Records, Feelin Funky, Club Ranked 42nd in France. <br /><br />In 2010 he decided to create a new identity under "Nation Voice" which he signed a remix for Marcus Gram and another one for “Mad Ice” which is a huge success in the French club at the moment. Under the same pseudonym, he released the track "With time". <br /><br />2011 will probably be the consecration for Kriss Raize where he produced a track for Little King, "1.2.3" signed with Universal Music, then after he released two new songs "Wanna Dance" and "No more love", the first one planned for the beginning of 2011 and the other for the mid-year 2011. He’s currently working on the next single for the project "Mad Ice" which is a real success in France.