Fullmetal Shorty!

Hi! I love InuYasha! (It's my favorite anime EVER!) InuYasha+Kagome FOREVER! Sorry! Anyway my favorite color is pink and my favorite animal is a dog *picturing InuYasha's dog ears* obviously! I DO have pets! I have a guinea pig, actuallly. Tora, Japanese for Tiger, after my previous guinea pig with she looks so much like. My hobbies are hanging out with friends, choir, listening to music, making AMV's, writing stories, and watching InuYasha (HeHeHe)! Fine! I'll TRY to stop with the InuYasha stuff! I like Poke'Mon (I've liked it since I was 5), Naruto, Bleach, s-cry-ed, Eureka 7, The Fullmetal Alchemist (My new nickname is Fulmetal Shorty XD), Samarai Champloo, Shin Chan, Zach Bell, and Bobobo too. None of them compare to (dare I say it) InuYasha!