Yes! Because YouTube is chock full of fail, I've made an account on Dailymotion. Hopefully the service here is better. <br /><br />Woo! Awsum quotes! <br /><br />"sayno should not dislike his comments because they are kinda like a window to the outside world, rather than his overprotected one." - ThatGuyOverThere428 <br /><br />"You have heard that it was said, 'Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.' / But I tell you: Love your enemies" - Matthew 5:43-44 <br /><br />"You WONt accomplish NOTHING WITHOUT [GOD]" - ILLUMANOV (just in case you're not too good at English, ILLUMANOV's comment is a double negative meaning that I can accomplish anything without god. ILLUMANOV was a maniacal Christian, by the way). <br /><br />"Thou shalt neither vex a stranger, nor oppress him" - Exodus 22:21 <br /><br />**===========** <br /><br />Research before you speak! <br /><br />Kooky Inc. is a comedy group of just me dedicated to animating stuff, making fun of idiots, making the occasional machinima, and everything in between. <br /><br />--------------/////////////// THE ALLIANCE <br />-------------///--------/// OF <br />------------///---------/// RATIONALISTS <br />-----------///----------/// <br />----------///-----------/// <br />---------///------------/// <br />--------///-------------/// <br />-------//////////////////////// <br />------///---------------/// <br />-----///----------------/// <br />----///-----------------/// <br />---///------------------/// <br />--///-------------------/// <br />-///--------------------/// <br />///---------------------/// <br /><br />I'm a pandeist (the universe is god and it came into existence through some natural means), so calling me a "foolish atheist!!!11one" is showing your ignorance. The term for this pandeist god is either "Pandeus", "Pandeity", or my own term sticking with the Latin roots, "Omnidei". <br /><br />Feel free to use any of my videos for any purpose. Just give credit plzkthxbi.