Jeremiah Semien

Jeremiah Semien. <br />What can I say?. <br />The man, the story, the legend. <br />Call him: <br />John Myers, Jerry Hollywood, King of Music, King Jerry, S. B., The Symbol Man, Jerry, <br />Jerry J., Brother Jereme, J. S., Uncle Mayo, J-Roc, J-Wood, J-Man, <br />Little Jerry, Edmond, Parrain, Eric, Jerome, Kevin, Isaiah, Mayo, <br />Pimp Daddy, Bubba, Big Pimp, Lapatin, Jereme, <br />King Semien, Jamal, Prince, Big Baller, Daddy Jerry, Mister Semien, Bouncer, J. R., Jerry Jones, Chief and <br />J. J. Rhymes. <br />Any of these names, and you get one genius; spiritual being of love, a man and his glory. <br />The potential father figure of many. <br />The Histories of Jerry, is a well known fact, that, the man, we call Jerry, is remarkable, well-thoughtful, sexual being, and a sense of respect, he gives any and all. <br />Welcome, to the New Generation. <br />Welcome to Kings Garden. <br />The songs will enchant you. <br />The songs will make you wish, for more. <br />Some One You Want, is the first song. <br />If you ever wanted someone, in your life, and maybe, you wish <br />it could work out. <br />Tear From Heaven, is the second song. <br />The song of country, with a little hint, of a gospel flare. <br />The song, could touch your heart, or make you laugh. <br />The Way Is The Light, is the third song. <br />The song of redemption. <br />The way is only, through Jesus Christ. <br />Be One With God, is the fourth song. <br />Can you imagine, how the world, would be, if everyone, love God, and not only, love yourself?. <br />Think, for one moment, in your life. <br />If you really love God, then, you would have heaven, on earth. <br />Smile, is the last song. <br />Try to remember, the first time you smile. <br />As a child, as a teenager and as an adult. <br />Everyone love to smile, you can too. <br />The songs, will make you think, laugh, cry and even wonder, a bout a higher being, such as God, himself. <br />The last saying: <br />“Love one another, as I love you”. Jesus told his disciples. <br />