1000 Pieces of Gold <br /><br />In the days following the death of King Arthur, Arthur's illegitimate son, Mordred, has his scribes forge a document that is supposed to be King Arthur's Last Will and Testament. <br /><br />This document declares Mordred to be the rightful King of the Britons and heir to the Throne of Camelot. <br /><br />Also, Guinevere is declared to be no longer the Queen. She is declared an outlaw and a reward of 1000 pieces of gold is offered for her head. <br /><br />When these scrolls are delivered to the Knights of the Round Table, the Knights are troubled by the news. Some Knights see their duty as loyalty to their new King, Mordred; but Sir Gawaine will have no part of the matter. <br /><br />Sir Gawaine rides off to find and aid Guinevere as the other Knights cross the tips of their swords and swear "Death to Guinevere!"