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Punk fan
Heya. Your butt is amaaing and peachy! I hope this isn't rude to ask, but you aren't on XHAMSTER are you? I'd love to add your videos to favourites
April by Punk fan
hello :) i would to talk with you a litle bit is that possible? btw i love ur videos
January by deucbal
I have an idea. How about you do Multi-layered Hanging Wedgie. I you don't know what it is. Here a link Go to nuber 27. If you do. Ignore the link.
December by Robertthehedgehog
blooper looper
this thong that you wears at the most of your videos, it's an actual thong or you made it by yourself?
if you made it by yourself, how you did that?
plz answer
Last year by blooper looper

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