khspromo | overeating and belly stuffing videos

khspromo is about girls that like to overeat and stuff their bellies until they're absolutely full and bloated. So basically what you're going to find here is: girls eating way too much and showing of their food stuffed bellies, burping, forcing themselves to eat, gluttony, forced eating and force feeding. Or, maybe you have a belly fetish and just love to see a beautiful girl's cute tummy, no matter if it's full of food or not. You can find that here, too.

This is not a site about binge eating or other eating disorders. You won't find any information on eating disorders here as this is a site about girls that actually like to overeat. Overeating can be fun. So if you do not enjoy eating or overeating this is not the place for you. Also, this is not just another site about big beautiful women showing of their plump bodies. While you may find bbw content here khspromo mainly is about overeating. Also, if you have a weight gain fetish, there may be better places for you to check out. khspromo is NOT about gaining weight and getting fat on purpose. It is about overeating and its (short term) effects on the belly. All the girls on khspromo love to eat and they love to eat a lot, but that doesn't mean they want to get fat.