Ken Rutkowski <br />Ken Rutkowski is one of most broadly-informed and connected people in the media, entertainment and technology (MET) market. A true industry insider, Ken’s relationships span senior managers of leading technology companies to studio executives; from small software companies innovating the next generation of MET products/services to IT outsourcers and consultants. Part pundit, part matchmaker, part strategist – Ken helps start-ups to multi-national corporations understand the trends shaping their industries and connect with the people that matter. As pundit, Ken’s daily Internet and radio talk show, World Tech Round-Up, is a must-listen-to source of inside information for over 186,000 Internet listeners in over 40 countries – regularly scooping the major media and giving perspective to emerging trends, developments and industry maneuvers. His Daily Tech Clicks newsletter and IQ Report are distributed 5 days/week to the technology, entertainment and business elite. As matchmaker, Ken opens doors for clients across the media, entertainment and digital technology landscape. In 2000, he founded METal, a networking group of 100+ MET industry influencers that meet for breakfast and information sharing each Saturday in Los Angeles. Additionally, he co-hosts MET Salon, one of Los Angeles’ premier invitation-only networking events. As strategist, Ken helps clients utilize emerging technology developments to create new business models, identify revenue opportunities and out-maneuver competitors. Combining his deep understanding of MET convergence with an insider’s perspective of the problems facing the industry today, Ken crafts breakthrough strategies that leverage innovations in the digital economy. On an international level, Ken works with countries such as Finland, Australia and Holland – helping them fortify their technology outreach story and strategy. In his public role, Ken is a founding member of the Streaming Media Executive Committee and is on the board of several media, entertainment and technology companies. He is a much-sought-after speaker/moderator at conferences around the world. He regularly appears as a guest correspondent for Fox 11 KTTV and Fox’s Good Day LA – talking about everything from new tech gadgets to important websites. <br />