Kayler has entertained professionally since 1980. His overwhelming passion for his instrument and his music has produced an incomparable guitar style, a style which is his trademark. It allows him to use all his fingers simultaneously, like a keyboardist, creating truly astonishing results. He can play the bass part, rhythm (accompaniment) and melody together for each of his unique and amazing arrangements or compositions, while at the same time embellish them with harp-like arpeggios, generating a rich, full-bodied sound. Kayler elevates sentimental expression in his performances, establishing a direct and familiar rapport with his listeners. <br /><br />Kayler rightfully earned the title of “Guitarist Extraordinaire.” He is in a class of his own. The scope of his talent is so impressive that it appeals to people of all ages. <br /><br />Kayler has released several remarkable recordings which include both his own compositions and arrangements of cover songs. <br /><br />HE IS SEEKING A PERSONAL MANAGER. <br /><br />CONTACT BY E-MAIL: kayler1@gmail.com <br /><br />