Kashif Rehan

Let me introduce myself. My name is Kashif Rehan. My studies were discontinued because of four major surgeries. At the age of seven I went to London for open heart surgery. During angiography prior to my surgery, I had severe cardiac arrest and heart beat stopped.This incident badly effected my neurological systems particularly visual impairment and brain to body communication system and made me almost a blind and paralyzed person. Consequently, I was unable to see and move my body. My parents and well wishers used to pray to almighty God for my health and betterment. By the grace of God without any further medical treatment I started improving but reaching to satisfactory status took many years. Only after that I could start my studies with the help of tutors at home. <br /><br />Doctors used to advise me to move my body specially fingers to reduce stiffness. I used to follow these instructions for few minutes half heartedly. Keeping in view doctors’ advice my father bought me a small keyboard. Exercise of fingers was the main idea. It was only my friend during those long and lonely days in the bed. I used to spend maximum hours playing it. I had very little control on my hands and fingers. But within few months I started receiving recognition and appreciation from listeners. This induced my parents to buy me a better one and ultimately a professional keyboard which was also my dream. I have learnt this without help of any music teacher. Only recently I have started to take lessons of from a music teacher.<br /><br />It is my hobby but I am also earning some for my pocket money. I want to be independent and do not want to live a life depending on family. For the reason I am trying hard. When Dr. Shaista Wahidi learnt about me, she visited me with her team and interviewed me which was aired on ARY Digital TV. I want to be a role model for the people who are suffering from any illness and physical inability. If almighty Allah takes some thing from us gives in return a greater gift.