karaoke version

More videos (full lenght), backing tracks and custom backing tracks on <br /><br />http://www.karaoke-version.com <br />http://www.version-karaoke.fr <br />http://www.version-karaoke.es <br />http://www.version-karaoke.de <br />http://www.karaoke-versie.nl <br />http://www.karaoke-versio.fi <br />http://www.versione-karaoke.it <br /><br />Company Overview: karaoke-version.com provides instrumental songs or backing tracks, karaoke videos and a new feature : the play along custom backing track. <br /><br />Play along custom backing track! What is it? <br /><br />That's a huge feature released a few months ago that offers new possibilities to musicians. <br />The principle is simple. You pick a song available in our online catalog (over 1000 songs), take off the tracks you don't need then you get backing tracks for guitars, for drums... <br /><br />Mission: Sing the world