Gabor Keller

Nagybakónak, Hungary
What is the risk? A missed opportunity to change the tax mode in which a dominant position because of the fear of change, fear of failure against the change. The fact that we are ahead or just behind, while almost dwarfed by what is (still) is in us!


Gabor Keller
What's Up? :D
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Gabor Keller
Now I have time to upload my videos that you made ​​earlier.
2 years ago by Gabor Keller
Gabor Keller, what there is before us how, you are behind us, is dwarfed by it what there is in us yet. So it is necessary to reinterpret the concept of the danger: the danger the omission of the opportunity making the change possible, on the row of which truth gets into superiority because of the change because of a fear, the omission of the change opposite a fear...
5 years ago by Gabor Keller
Les Miettes
Thank you, good luck to you!
5 years ago by Les Miettes

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