Zoran Jocic

Hanshi JOČIĆ ZORAN (Jocic Zoran) , Founder Ju Aikido martial art.<br />SOKE 10th DAN Ju Aikido.<br />- 2006 he founded club called "DO" -- In his book "FIVE RINGS" , Musashi sad that important thing is DO -- path which man choose to go through life.<br />He had few clubs :<br />מכבי "Maccabi" in Belgrade ; this club was a part of a big sport association and officially registered in it's central in Israel . Due to the lack of space for training it stop working. But , in this club few masters were "born"<br />- At Sport College , in Belgrade , he run a club for 4 years<br />- He worked at School for children with damaged hearing for a year<br />- Today he also work in Club "AS" in Belgrade , with adults<br />Was born 2.06.1958. in Pec , Kosovo and Metohija, Serbia. In Real aikido he is since 1982 . His first club was "Prvi Vracar" at Belgrade . In first 4 years he had trained with different masters , like Goran Kurnik , Teovanovic Mladen and he get to blue belt , 2 kyu. During the 80's he participate in several seminars by KENJI SHIMIZU (8th DAN) , S. SEKI .<br />He was among the first who graduated at College for Trainers and Managers in Sport , in Novi Sad .<br />He worked at WCRA as a trainer , with children from 3.5 year and above , and with adults . His specialty is working with children and he has long experience in this field .<br />Also, he was instructor in Bodyguard school " Vracarevic" which is in IBBSA association ; trained police