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JSR Event An Event Management Co.
JSR Event is a leading DJ & Event service provider in Delhi & across the India. We often travel Delhi NCR and throughout the region, so don’t hesitate to contact with us!

JSR Event is being run from last 10 years having versatile experienced team with the best experience.

We are specializing in Making Events Like - Wedding Themes, LED Concepts, Jai Mala Themes, Temple Themes, Hydraulic Stages, Revolving stages, Flower Rain, Different concepts in DJ setups,
Groom & Bride Entry in Different Styles Like ( suspense entry, Auto moving entry, Palki entry, Crystal Chhatar, LED & Crain entry ), Stage Shows, Live Concerts, Musical Concerts, Punjabi Bands, Private Parties, Cooporate Events, Confference System, DJ. For Clubs & Private Parties, School & Collage Events, Light & Sound Setup For Live Shows, Balloon Decorations, Disney Characters, Birthday Themes, Fashion Shows, Rain Dance, Fire Works, and Many more!

We believe... that we have an enormous responsibility not only to you but also to your family, friends and guests.
We take pride in what we do. We hope you will give us the opportunity to share our passion with you and yours.
We are dedicated to providing the highest quality professional DJ & Events Services. With our passionate and experienced team, supported by an expansive inventory, we emphasize exceptional customer service, value, and professional integrity.
We recognize the requirement for people to make their celebrations different than everybody else's. That is why we customize the entertainment to you and your guests!
We’ve been delivering the very best events for many years, and as the leading Event Management Company in New Delhi, we have the experience, knowledge and professionalism to make sure events runs smoothly, from start to finish.

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