Johnny Russell

If you enjoy this mini movie you'll like the book. In the novel First Blood, ISBN: 9780595503872, one family is caught up in the never-ending cycle of gang violence after seeking a fresh start in Los Angeles, California. <br /><br />Rodney "Neon" Robinson falls victim to the streets and becomes incarcerated, spending the better portion of his adolescent life inside the Los Angeles criminal justice system. There he discovers the beginnings of a new family—the Bloods. Neon manages to slip under the radar of law enforcement while slowly building a loyal following, beginning with his cellmate. When he finally emerges from lock up, he spawns one of the gravest epidemics of modern life: the curse of modern gang violence. <br /><br />As the Bloods and the Crips begin a vicious rivalry like no other, another heartbreaking story is taking place behind the scenes. Neon's family suffers the devastating results that come from a young man's choices in a city that shows no mercy.