The Human Celebration was created to celebrate human expression, engaging in exploring and honoring the role and affect it has on our society and on the world. <br /><br />Our mission is to celebrate and honor ALL human expression. <br />Each person is a piece of the puzzle, which means that they are the only ones that fit their spot, and their spot filled is crucial to the whole. <br /><br />The Human Celebration is a movement of the human spirit, alive in human expression, vital to human existence. It is about all of us putting everything we have into this moment, together, on this planet, Earth – to express fully our gifts to the world so that it can be what it is meant for: fully realized, liberated and actualized creative human expression. We have two means of doing this: 1.) through the Human Celebration documentary series 2.) through a sponsored education program to remove the obstacle of money between educators and students. In the latter, our intent is to have a curriculum in which we create scholarships to sponsor educators that fulfill this curriculum, thereby giving educators financial support and student’s freedom to educate themselves with as few obstacles as possible, with an overall focus on community sustainability through cultural integrity (otherwise known as social permiculture). <br /><br />YOU are the Human Celebration.