Joyful Plasticware

A professional manufacturer and exporter of household plastic-ware since 1985.<br /><br />We specialize in Injection and Blow Moulding with our Manufacturing Plant located at Daman in India.<br /><br />We have a presence across the country through our vast distribution network and appealing retail chains. Innovative products and high quality plastic ensure a good reputation from customers at home and abroad. <br /><br />Our Vision<br />--------------<br />To be a globally respected plastic-ware corporation.<br /><br />Our Mission<br />----------------<br />To offer the most Competent, Innovative and High Quality Household Plastic-ware solution ensuring long term sustainability and growth of the Organization.<br /><br />Technology We Use<br />---------------------------<br /><br />Injection Moulding: Utilizes a ram or screw-type plunger to force molten plastic material into a mold cavity<br /><br />Produces a solid or open-ended shape that has conformed to the contour of the mold<br /><br />Uses thermoplastic or thermo set materials<br />The process usually begins with a conventional production mold. These tools can be multi- cavity and produce millions of parts<br /><br />Extrusion Blow Moudling: Utilizes plastic material that is extruded is stored in an accumulator<br />A molten open-ended tube of resin is extruded through an annular die and captured between two mould halves as they close.<br /><br />Mating surfaces on the mould pinch together the open areas of the tube and high pressure air is introduced inside the captured tube, inflating it to conform to the shape of the inside of the mould.<br /><br />Pad Printing System: Method of decorating plastic parts wherein a silicone pad transmits the desired image to the plastic part.<br /><br />Precise registration of the parts is the success of this process.<br /><br />Hot Stamping System: <br />A heated die applies pressure to a hot stamping foil that is pressed against the plastic part.<br /><br />The heat and pressure from the die transfers the pigment from the hot stamping foil onto the plastic part.