Jon Glassberg

My name is Jon Glassberg and I am a professional rock climber and graphic designer based out of Boulder, Colorado. <br /><br />Over half of my 15 years as a climber has been exclusively dedicated to bouldering. I am extremely passionate about climbing and I strive to climb higher and harder without a rope and push my mental boundaries and physical limits. I love sharing the feeling of adventure and freedom with my friends and partners and I love to teach and provide opportunities for new climbers to learn. Through climbing I am able to travel the world and visit unique and beautiful places and share these experiences with like minded individuals who have a similar passion of climbing. <br /><br />I have a graduate degree in technology and graphic design from Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina. With my skills I have been able to mold myself into a "jack of all trades" and I concentrate 100% of my effort to the climbing industry. I blog, shoot video, take photos, promote athletes, and create designs and images for a host of climbing and outdoor companies. I take great pride in my ability to communicate through all forms of multimedia and place my finger on the pulse of the industry, creating trendy and forward thinking websites, videos, and marketing. <br /><br />Route setting has become an integrated part of my everyday life and I have been setting and promoting for events across the country. I have found that dedication and commitment have taken me a long way and the balance between working hard and climbing harder pay off in spades. <br /><br />People know me as the face of Louder Than 11, a multimedia company dedicated to the growing the sport of rock climbing by producing entertainment media that captivates audiences and promotes the outdoor industry.