Jon Ber

From <br /><br />Street Level <br />Now, my life is quite. Peacefully green. Theres no need to shave in the morning. I am going nowhere. Birds, deer, woods fields, and cows for neighbors, my life style is completely opposite, from the days I lived on the road between somewhere and nowhere - moving on while getting to know Earth on the street level. 
 <br /><br />I'm self- sufficiant <br />thanks to the visionary geniuses who developed digital mind-bugling-heavnly-tools for the autodidact. And if you have nothing better to do, may read, watch and listen to what I photograph, write, play, sing, record and publish directly here, from my little house in rural USA. <br /><br />For that <br />my reverence and gratitude to the creators of my Apple Mac Leopard os x 10.5.6 <br /><br />Mac is a <br />magnificent, silent, nimble, reliable, multifaceted, suave operator - enabling anyone anywhere champion showcase of their work to the world - seamlessly bypassing range of archaic technical expertise, charlatans and gatekeepers.