John Hutchison

MORE INFORMATION<br /><br />hi a refugee from youtube lol HEY LOOK WORLD TRADE CENTER AND MY EBAY SALES <br />YOUTUBE a nasty place to be look up john k hutchison on the net or the hutchison effect<br />I decided to use daily motion as it has more to offer and unlike YouTube is very friendly and has more options as well as minimization features and footage sales <br />YouTube is bogged down with trash pirates scanners trolls , hackers anyway enjoy my videos you will love the free energy videos my Karla funny stuff and my entertainer friends plus my ocean adventures dog , and tv shows trailers MORE ON YOURS TRULY<br /><br /><br /><br /> <br />http:// MOVING EVERYTHING TO DAILY MOTION !<br /> http:// <br /> my ocean adventures with ARSBC 1994 TO 2000<br />FREE ENERGY PROJECT