John Bonobo

John Bonobo is some kind of link between human and animal. <br /><br />No, this is not just about hair. <br /><br />Bonobo chimpanzee share around 99 per cent of the human genetic makeup ; they're quite famous for that now, and also because they share all our sexual practices (yeah, really all. "Make love not war" could be their motto...). But what's really interesting with these apes is that they may achieve the intelligence of a human teenager. This really impressed me the first time I saw it (it's not only measured by an IQ test). This proves that there is no essential difference between humans and animals, just something quantitative. The Bonobo is the missing link. The nervous system (that each human inherits) also has an animal part (from the thalamus to the body) and a ... more brainy part (the cortex). There is a difference, yes, but, here again, not an essential one. <br /><br />John Bonobo's music helps the listener to make the link between his body and his mind, between his heart and his soul, in order to increase his cortico-thalamic integration level, and to lead him to his full potential. <br /><br />This link has never been broken, we just forget to use it sometimes. <br /><br />Put the volume very very loud for better results.