johanna dejager

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder - As a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition & Wellness Specialist, I am currently accepting clients. Distance is not an issue as I can work with you through the internet if not inperson. Please email me if you would like a personalized, indepth program based on YOU (your body type, your goals, your life, etc. NOT a 'general program')! Training and/or nutrition - to improve your strength, gain muscle mass, loose weight, reach your goals, see results, get motivated in your everyday life and health!! - more information on personalized programs - visit . <br /><br />Email: <br />Websites: <br /> <br /> <br /><br />Please visit my other website for information about myself, contests and videos of training, competing, posing/flexing - and having fun. <br />Best Wishes! <br />Johanna Dejager :) <br /><br />Please note - all my material is copyrighted and you need my permission to post any clips. You can post the free trailer clip found on the preview page but only that clip. Thank you.