Joe Staley

Joe is currently a media student at The University Of Lincoln UK and has gone a long way from where he first began. <br />Whilst in University, Joe learnt the art of After Effects CS4 and the capabilities given to him were no becoming endless. <br />His style of video is what James describes as ‘Cinemassacre’. Joe then found himself working for a website called ‘Metal Gods TV’ editing and filming the video podcasts. <br />Joe loves his tech, and his favourite thing to do, is watch ‘The Gadget Show’ on Mondays. He loves the work of Jason Bradbury who recently wrote the book ‘Dot.Robot’ but he too also presents ‘The Gadget Show’. Joe never used to be to technically obsessed before this TV show and without it, he probably wouldn’t be doing what he does now! <br />Not only does Joe make videos and other forms of media, but he spends a lot of time on ‘twitter’, just to let everyone know what is going on in the world of Joe.