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Me and my family (fiance and her 2 daughters) are obsessed with Naruto/Shippuuden. I have made a couple amvs from my cell phone. Thats right i made them on my cell phone. And i have to say, after i deflate my head that ,they are better than a lot of amvs out there done on a computer program. Now granted the music quality is crap. My cell phone will not let me use whats on my playlist. So, i had to record the song from the recorder on my cell. And quality of video is awesome on my cell. Not too sure whats gonna change as far as that goes when i put them on here. I'm gonna try to find a way to put a clearer version of the songs i used on the uploaded amvs. If i can't. Please keep in mind the above typing and if u can help me with this let me know how to do it. Please and thank u. My timing, with amvs is a 9-10 out of 10. Songs i pick usually range between 7,8-10. (in song v.s subject at hand matter of speakin) So, pls enjoy or if u do not, pls comment either way. I can't stress enough to bare with the quality due to it was made via cell phone. Give it a chance. My e-mail is Please always, at al times, show the upmost respect for every party involved. In no way are my videos, for the most part, endorsed or associated with the creators of the original creations of the audio and/or video(unless stated otherwise by me mysef) THANK YOU AND BE SAFE!!! p.s Any suggestions, comments, critisism, etc. welcome. Just respect all the artist involved, thank you.

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