James Lisi founded Increase Visibility in 2003 after realizing that there was a great need for quality search engine optimization firms while the internet was still in its infant stages. It has always been my goal for Increase Visibility to have the reputation of being one of the best search engine optimization firms in the industry today. <br /><br />Prior to establishing Increase Visibility, Lisi owned a major SEO company which was later sold and also partnered with several other prominent SEO firms. He has been involved in SEO for over ten years. <br /><br />As the Founder and CEO, I oversee daily operations and make sure everything is flowing smoothly. I work alongside my outstanding employees and also manage new business deals. <br /><br />Lisi is committed to insuring that Increase Visibility continues to be one of the top search engine marketing firm worldwide. <br /><br />For Lisi, the next five years will see him stepping away from the more everyday details of the business and into a strategic planning and visionary position. For his employees, he would like to help them develop themselves in many areas of their lives to become successful. This is what is important to him now.