Jimmy Huynh

"If I can cry 1,000 tears...<br />If I can go back 1,000 years...<br />Do you hear my 1,000 words?"<br />“난 1,000 눈물을 울 수있다면 ...<br />다시 1000 년 갈 수있다면 ...<br />당신이 내 1000 단어를 들려?”<br /><br />Tbh of Moi:<br />I like the way I am. People may be jealous of me cuz I'm free spirited, funny, smart, and a cool person to talk to. I like having a lot of friends cuz it makes me feel good on the inside (making new friends is awesome!!!). I don't want to make my own team down cuz I'm always the leader of the group. It's who I am. If you treat me bad, then get the hell out of my life. Hurts, right? Lol. I love my enthusiasm. It's like my personal love charm but in this case, my personal humor charm. Hahaha. I like my soft hair... >:D I like how my pictures are so similar to each other (Hella pro! xD). I eat a lot yet I don't look fat. Say yes to HIGH METABOLISM! Lol. And last but not least- my favorite: I like how my friends think of me as their awesome friend. It seems like we're getting closer and closer... :D<br /><br />Personal Infos:<br />Sup! It's Jimmy Huynh here, A.k.A Jimalicious! I'm a graduated student in Health Science and Human Services High School d;D! My future expectations is: Going to Highline Community College, get my associate degree, and then worktime!!! I'm a pretty cool guy to hang out. LOL. Also, I'm the guy who enjoys laughing and socializing with others! :D:D I'm 20 years old. My birthday is March 24th, 1993. I'm gonna be 21 years old in the next following year which is 2014!! Peace out homies! V-SWAG!