Joseph Gill

I have been making videos for about a year and posting on you tube. However You Tube has started blocking many of my Videos so I have decided to find a place to post my Blocked Videos <br />I am a Huge Harry Potter fan and ship Harry & Ginny, Hermione & Ron and other Harry Potter based videos. In addition I also have about 17 non Harry Potter videos, Some political in nature and other based on other movies. <br /><br />Now I find I once again need to find a new home for my videos as Imeem has discontinued video content. A friend told me I should try daily motion. So here I am. <br />My philosophy on making videos is to tell the story in the song I am making the video about. To do this I will use the best video clips I can find to match the song itself and what is happening in the song at that particular moment. To do this I will sometimes use clips from other movies. In the end I want people to understand the story without having watched the Movies or read the stories my videos are about. <br /><br />I started making videos with WMM and have long since switched to Ulead Video Studio 11 Plus for all of my videos. I have recently upgraded to Videostudio 12. This software is the next version of video studio and has a new Green screen tool that will let me create greenscreens with existing movies. Wow! <br /><br />Please feel free to contact me if you have any question regarding my Videos or How they are made.