Jean Cannon

Jean is an internationally recognised environmental scientist and marine biologist. She is the author of 3 books on the environment, has authored a number of business articles and scientific papers, and has presented at conferences and seminars in Europe, the USA and Japan. She is also qualified as a Lead Auditor in both Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems. Her catchcry is “if it it not simple it won’t work”. <br /><br />Jean has won numerous industry awards, as well as being a finalist in the 2001 Telstra Business Women’s Award. She has pioneered a number of new approaches to environmental management systems to help Australian industries. One such example is the unique way in which she works with groups of businesses online to assist them to implement slimline and effective ISO 14001 environmental management systems. An early example is the work she pioneered in Australia’s fishing and boating industries. In 1999 Australia was the first country to achieve ISO 14001 in fisheries and also the first marina with ISO 14001. <br />