Jason Allen Miller

Jason Allen Miller is an entrepreneur, inventor, business owner, investor, speaker, educator and author. After college at the University of Wisconsin and a brief stint as an employee he decided to begin purchasing investments and owning businesses. He owns or has owned numerous traditional businesses and investments ranging from small businesses, real estate, franchises, home-based businesses and inventions, to large conglomerates with hundreds of employees. <br /><br />Today he continues to write and educate people on the advantages of owning their own home-based businesses along with currently owning and operating many businesses in the Pacific Northwest. Besides the United States, other ventures are in Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Japan, China, Taiwan, South Korea, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. <br /><br />His passion is business systems and education, along with helping people realize their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs. He is married with two children and spends his time mostly in the Seattle Washington area. <br /><br />