The Wounded Dove Peace Warriors chronicles the lives of the world’s great Peacemakers from 1900 to the present time. Each episode tells up to 15 stories. <br /><br />Please visit our website, click on the Wounded Dove icon and once on the Peace page click on the PDF files for more info. <br /><br />The Wounded Dove peace project is supported by: <br /><br />· The United Nations Culture of Peace, Paris <br />· The Salzburg Seminar, Austria <br />· The Peace History Society <br />· The International Peace Academy, New York <br />· The Fellowship of Reconciliation, Nyack, NY <br />· The Pearson Peacekeeping Center, Clementsport, Nova Scotia <br />· The Rachael and Ben Vaughan Foundation, Austin, Texas <br /><br />The Wounded Dove looks not at those who waged war, but at those who tried to revive and nurture the phoenix of Peace.