Hi Everyone!! <br /><br />Thanks for being here. I am Jamie Winchester, and I am an Irish musician living in Budapest. I have played and sung in loads of bands here, the most notable of which was a collaboration with a guitarist/composer called Róbert Hrutka. We have loads of stuff on youtube. <br /><br />However, at the end of 2008 we decided to go our separate ways, and I am going on solo with my own band. <br /><br />I hope you like the songs and the videos and look forward to reading any comments you might have. <br /><br />About Me: <br />Rock, alternative, pop and sometimes acoustic. <br /><br />The band: <br />Jamie Winchester - vocal, guitar <br />Sámuel Pásztor - guitar <br />Gábor 'Gijo' Giret - bassguitar <br />Ákos Kottler - drums