James D. Sterling

Dr. James D. Sterling is the Assistant Clinical Professor at Mount Sinai Medical Center in the Department of Psychiatry. He recently entered his fourth decade with the hospital, originally serving in the role of Clinical Instructor.<br />Dr. Sterling received a B.A. in psychology and social welfare at the University of California, Berkeley. Distinguished among his peers, he was handpicked to receive individual tutoring from faculty members. After graduation, he completed M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in psychology at the University of Chicago. Continuing his advanced education, Dr. Sterling earned an M.S. in business from Columbia University. He received his psychologist’s license from the state of Illinois in 1976.<br />Since 1976, Dr. James D. Sterling has maintained a full-time practice in Manhattan at the New York Center for Psychotherapy. There, Dr. Sterling specializes in marital, group and individual therapy through personalized counseling or group sessions.<br />Dr. James D. Sterling has also served as a valuable contributor on the board of directors for the Alcoholism Council of Greater New York. In order to benefit the organization, he worked on several committees dedicated to treatment and referral training and standards.<br />Previously, Dr. James D. Sterling had attained memberships with prestigious industry organizations such as the American Group Psychotherapy Association (AGPA) and the American Psychological AssociatIon (APA). <br />Dr. Sterling and his wife were married in 1985 and are the proud parents of a daughter, Tasha. The couple lives in Sterling’s hometown of New York City.