Jakob Wind Elvstrøm

I was born in 1966 on Funen Island in Denmark, as the oldest of 3 children. At age 10 I took up the piano and at the age 12 I started to play the trumpet, attending the local Music School and playing in different bands (among others "Ymer Tango" with my younger brother Esben on the drums). <br />In 1982 my father bought an old smashed Buescher alto-saxophone, which I immidiately fell in love with. I found that playing the saxophone was much easier for me than the trumpet. <br />In 1984 I got a cassette-tape copy of David Sanborn's album "Hideaway" from my cousin Marianne. I was, and still am, completely spellbound over mr.Sanborn's ability to play. Something of the same happened when I bought the "Alligator Boogaloo" album by Lou Donaldson in 1992. <br />In 1987 I moved to Aarhus, the 2. largest city of Denmark. I started to play a lot with smaller bands. <br />I wanted to be an Ingenieur, but realised I got really bored with all the Maths. From 1988-1990 I got a bachelor degree in Music Science at the University og Aarhus and in 1991-1995 I studied at the Conservatory in Aarhus. <br />At that time I also met the danish entertainer and jazz-musician Sigurd Barrett, and I have been playing with him ever since! <br />In 1993 I formed my first self-titled band the "Jakob Elvstrøm Quartet" which played a lot of gigs in the late 90ies, check out our website. At the moment the band is not active. <br />Since 1995 I've been of playing and teaching only. <br />From 1998-2001 I lived in Copenhagen, but moved back to marry my wife Anne. <br />I now live outside Aarhus in a small town called Malling, where I play funk in my Garage and entertain our two girls Maria and Agnete! <br />I still teach and play in a lot of different bands (check my calendar and the links page). <br />