Nuraishah Wildany

in K-pop.. there are just too many groups not to like.. <br />DBSK, Big Bang, SuJu, FT Island, Wonder Girls, Rain, Jewelry, 2pm, 2am, SS501, Hyori, TaeGoon, Seo In Young, Epik High, SNSD, SHINEe, U-Kiss etc.. <br /><br />i love all these groups!! though i still love JJ the most... <br />the best part of all is both JJ and my BIRTHDAY are the same!!! <br />ok.. not his real birthday but his artificial birthday.. <br />its sad though but he is still my favourite for his witty behaviour.. hehe.. <br />its the best feeling that a fan of his can ever have.. <br /><br />i love all kinds of genres and variety shows... <br />anything that is comical enough.. :) <br />but out of all these, i still like this the best... <br />DANCE BATTLES!! i dont really care where are they from.. but as long as they show their stuff.. <br />its good enough.. okok.. <br />i shall not blabber nonsensical stuff anymore... <br /><br />hope you enjoy the videos that i uploaded.. <br />cause those vids are what i like.. :) <br /><br />LOVES YA'LL!!! XD