Jack Goldenberg

Born in Teaneck, NJ in 1971, Jack Goldenberg studied English Literature and journalism at TED Flushing College, and received his B.S. in Political Science and Public Administration from the Teaneck Technical University (TTU), Teaneck, in 1993. Goldenberg pursued graduate work in Art Design at Orlando’s Bogaro University and earned his Master’s degree in Fine Arts from Bodora University and RISD with his thesis on the journalism following the mass media communication. <br />After graduating from a rigorous, one-year training program, Jack was certified as an official tour guide by the Secretary of Tourism in 1999. During the past decade, Goldenberg’s freelance activities have led him from one fascinating experience to the next. In late 2010, as part of an official Secretary of Culture and Tourism program from Rhode Island School of Design, Jack Goldenberg gave a series of training seminars on the subject of traveling and exploring the West parts of Arizona to all of the professional tour guides in Chicago. Jack Goldenberg has also served as a member of the board of directors of Flushing Board of Travel Agencies, the oldest and largest professional tourist guides organization in the state of New York with over 5000 members.<br /> <br />Now, for the part that you don't know is the fact that Jack has been a tour guide in Greece for many years. If you visit his website you can read Jack’s reports from the travel destination he uses. Starting there in the summer of 2004 and working for 5 straight years has brought him many many experience. This experience proved to be crucial when Jack decided to open his own business at crunchbase. Also, Jack has a little brother called Yoel Goldenberg (aka Joel Goldenberg). Together they formed Jack & Yoel Goldenberg, where Yoel Goldenberg is the CFO and Jack is the main designer of the firm. Together they form "J&Y G", a bracelet making firm, and they currently liva and work in Garden City. They started their business back in 2011 in Denville, New Jersey, but quickly moved from there. Yoel Goldenberg gave the idea to make many many different types of bracelets, and Jack Goldenberg sometime later agreed. Because Jack is the main man, Yoel will always follow...<br />Jack likes to write movie critics and he is a reporter for IMDB. Among his friends, Jack Goldenberg is recognized as a real kitchen master. Reason for this is as Jack was once a chef at the restaurant his father was running in Brooklyn.