Ivri Lider

The Official Daily Motion Page for the Israeli Singer Ivri Lider's. Exclusive videos, Music, and behind the scenes. <br /><br />Biography: <br />Ten years ago, Ivri Lider was a young musician taking his career first step. A decade later he is one of the most successful pop/rock artists in Israel. <br />Throughout his personal journey Lider has become a rock star, gay icon, and a spokesperson for an entire Israeli generation. In his music he sings about the life of a new generation named "The New People", a generation which he symbolizes and addresses to. It's a generation which released itself from old boundaries and recreates its image and values to be suitable to a new world, after the old one changed in front of its eyes. <br />Lider released five studio albums, three attained gold record, and one attained platinum record, and a live DVD. <br />These days he tours heavily with his album "Be'Ketzev Ahid, Be'Tnuot Shel Ha'Guf (The Steady Rhythm of Body Movements)". <br />Ivri is a celebrated musical producer and composer, and over the years he have produced five studio albums, and written scores for the theatre and for movies. Amongst are NDT, the renowned Dutch dance company, Bat Sheva, one of Israel's most successful dance companies and scores to various films, notably "Walk on Water (2004)" which won the Israeli Academy award for its score and was nominated for the French Cesar award. <br />On 2001, Lider decided to come out, and to talk openly about his sexual orientation. <br /><br />Management and Booking: <br />Fistuk Artists, Tel Aviv ISRAEL <br />fistuk03(at)zahav(dot)net(dot) il