Axi Iturri

My ten favourite wrestlers/mis 10 luchadores preferidos: <br /><br />1.-MVP <br />2.-Randy Orton <br />3.-Brock Lesnar <br />4.-The Rock <br />5.-Christian Cage <br />6.-Stone Cold Steve Austin <br />7.-Mick Foley <br />8.-Shawn Michaels <br />9.-RVD <br />10.-Undertaker <br /><br />MVP is Half Man Half Amazing and more importantly he is better than you. <br /><br />To see the best backyard wrestling go to/para ver la mejor lucha libre callejera iros a: <br /> <br /><br />Or go to the account EWFTV, here on Dailymotion/o meteros en la cuenta EWFTV aquí mismo en Dailymotion. <br /><br />Suscribe me.