Inter Defence Security

Inter Defence Security are based in Manchester although their customers can be found across the United Kingdom. The business is incorporated under the name Inter Defence Security Limited under Company No. 6016964. The listed registered office and the customer service headquarters are both at the same address. Inter Defence Security specialises in providing monitored security packages. Potential customers are able to obtain full information in relation to the various products available (including full specifications of the various bundled packages sold) by visiting the Inter Defence Security website . In addition, the Company offers monetary incentives to existing customers who refer new customers to the business.<br /><br />It is possible to enhance an Inter Defence Security ‘package’ by purchasing one or more of the various accessories sold by the Company. Many of these features are marketed specifically as a way of offering protection to elderly or vulnerable property occupiers. These items include wrist transmitters and panic buttons. Inter Defence Security also sells wireless motion detectors.