Im 18 and i really like girls feet, perferably sizes 5-7.5. Also i really like the Hogtie, either putting a girl in one and licking/sucking/nibbling her feet, or her putting me in one and making me do the same. Ive never really got to do anything with them but i may be soon.I have a friend that iv'e known for about two years and i;ve always thought she liked the hogtie too but was never sure, and she wears toe rings and has the perfect feet. Well long story short we have planned for her to help me hogite a friend and she hogties me and makes me "play" with her toe rings. (Since ill be tied up i have to use my mouth.) And then ill hogtie her myself and then start licking/sucking/nibbling her feet. Now her feet are very ticklish so thats where my favorites come fom. If you like them just leave me a comment. If youre a girl between 18 and 25 years old and you like the things i listed above just talk to me. i also like hanging out with my friends and playing guitar and my Xbox.