Immaculate Infatuation is an unapologetic, unpretentious NYC-centric dining website run by two guys who love food, have an opinion, and just so happen to have day jobs at Warner Music Group. We're bringing the worlds of food and entertainment together. <br /><br />The music industry is a social business, and we're out and about all time, going to shows and taking artists out to dinner. We're not real food critics, but we know restaurants, and are those trusted friends you turn to when you need a good restaurant for a first/early in the game date, girls night out, or some action at the bar. It’s important to understand that we aren’t just another food blog, covering every dumpling cart and pizza joint in New York City. We leave that to Eater, Serious Eats, and the thousands of other blogs that cater to the super-foodie. Plain and simple, people want to know where to eat in New York City and we're here to help. <br /><br />Follow us on Twitter: <br />Follow us on Facebook: