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ikono was founded to break barriers and make visual arts a natural part of everyday life. We're using television and internet as a transmission medium to find new ways of looking at art in an age of constant change.

ikonoTV and ikonoMenasa are the two television channels broadcasting in Germany and all 22 countries of the Menasa region (Middle-East, North Africa, South Asia).

The programmes shown on each channel are organized in line with ikono’s goal of democratizing the vaster public’s access to culture and wisely intermixes artworks from local artists with artworks from international ones, spanning all time periods, thereby stimulating evermore cultural exchange and diversity.

ikono produces unique films on artworks, art collections, exhibitions and art events, presenting them to the viewer as they are, without any added narratives or sounds that could interfere with the visual experience.

On our website, you can find information regarding ikonoTV’s channels’ programmes, our trailer production services, regularly updated news and events of today’s art world, watch trailers on current art events and exhibitions, as well as discover a collection of films to download and innovative art on demand items at very accessible prices in our Art On Demand webshop!

“ikonoTV is the MTV of Art”
- Simon de Pury, Chairman Phillips de Pury & Company

“Ikono takes the notion that art could be a part of everyday life seriously, and in this respect plays David to the mainstream television’s Goliath.”
- Candice Breitz