Canadian Software Developmenteralist

Web & Software Design <br /> <br />eCommerce and informative websites are the bread and butter of todays global business movement. Shout your message to clients through a powerful design, measure your returns, keep clean and optimized coding practices closeby and remain scaleable to future technology trends. <br />galaco tech <br /> <br /> Responsive HTML5 Web Development <br /> Multi layout websites - 100% device compatible <br /> Minimalistic & Cross Browser Compliant <br /> Interactive Ecommerce Shops Web Services <br /> Get web development done securely & creatively <br /> <br />Creative Marketing <br /> <br />Reach, reach and more reach! Maximize your company reach by covering all possible avenues locally, provincially, nationally or globally. Pinpoint your target audience and shoot to kill! Well, not really but at least let us pre calculate your return on investment before you launch your campaign. <br />galaco tech <br /> <br /> Stunning Direct Text Messaging conversions <br /> Perfectly executed email campaigns <br /> Creative Advertising generates a buzz <br /> Old advertising concepts only reach the trash <br /> <br />Consultation <br /> <br />Lets be honest, we are the best choice! Just to prove it we offer free consultations and discuss your possiblities in plain English without the run around. We make unbiased recommendations to YOU and tastefully begin project phases until completion.