James Hutton

James Hutton.<br />I am a person with a passion for music and a fondness of all creative works, be it music or otherwise.<br />Being an amateur musician, song writing and recording is my main hobby. The videos here are also an extension of that as I am very much into the visual side of things.<br /><br />Here you will find a mixture of genres recorded at my home studio. My music ranges from the very light to the very heavy.<br /><br />I've never had any musical training and what I do I play by ear. I just learn what I need to know for the song I'm writing.<br /><br />I never do 'covers' and only write and record my own original songs.<br />I also really enjoy the art of video production and aim to make visually interesting videos to go with my songs.<br />It's all a hobby and is the best fun.<br /><br />I use Logic Pro 7 and Final Cut Express on a mac pro.<br />All vocals and instruments are my me also.<br /><br />All can be seen on my website and Youtube channel.<br /><br />http://www.youtube.com/user/ignitionfive<br /><br />james:)