iSpaces is universally accessible! iSpaces runs on Windows XP, Windows 7, Mac and Linux. For the optimum experience access iSpaces through Google Chrome. <br />Persistent. Thanks to our NonStopWeb technology, you can login and out of iSpaces from multiple computers and CloudBrowser™,  our unique web browser, will reopen all your browser windows and tabs and remember your browsing history, saving it to the cloud.  <br />An Awesome Memory Tool. <br />Loaded with multiple desktops called "Spaces" that you can arrange the way you want into groups that suit your life flow, providing you the freedom and flexibility to open and organize your numerous documents and applications. <br />Super Fast & Easy. Our web-based infrastructure provides super fast access to all of your data, applications and bookmarks from any computer. <br />Free. iSpaces is free for everyone! <br />Safe. Stored in secure and encrypted storage with backup, replication, and user defined privacy settings. Never again will you have to worry about losing your data from a lost or stolen computer, or failed hard drive. <br />Loaded with SpacePhone, our secure web based phone. <br />Persistent, fast, free, simple to use.  <br />Welcome to iSpaces cloud!